What is the perfect spot for a first date?

First date

The 1/10 of a second. That is the time it takes for our brain to get a first impression when we meet someone new. From there, we quickly form our opinion about someone, and roughly after 7 seconds our brains seams to have a pretty clear view about the other person.

Luckily on a first date, we get a bit more than 7 seconds to prove ourselves. One of the things that might make a difference is the place of your first date.


Where we go, what we drink and
what we eat say a lot about one person


According to a study made a couple of years ago, only 17% of your dates leads to a second date.
This points out the importance of not only make a good first impression but also to get to know one person well enough. To be able to say whatever we should go out again or not.

Its common sense to ask a lot of questions on a first date. But to be able to have a conversation you need a place that is not too noisy. Stay away from bars, clubs or other places full of unwanted sounds.


Its not very important where you bring someone on your first date,
rather to find a good environment where you can have time and space to
get to know the other person


For the same reasons, its generally a bad idea to have a first date in a cinema or a concert.
So, what about the money. How much does the actual price level and the standard of the place matter?

In fact not very much. A nice time, and a lot of laughing usually leads to a second date.
Expensive restaurants or overwhelming locations can usually comes off as a bribe for sex.


A drink can save both your day and your wallet.
Nobody wants to fight yourself through a painfully slow dinner
with some random person

All dates does not turn out as expected and its nice to have a emergency exit. A great tips is to choose a place where you can have a drink, but also some nice food.

Then you can start out for a drink and if things don’t turn out well, you can always leave it like that. If you enjoy each others company, you have the chance to order some nice food and enjoy some more hours talking and hopefully develop your emotions.


Even more important, choose a place where you feel comfortable.
And confidence is sexy.
There is no better place, than the one where you say.
I’m here, i love this place. Its a part of me.

So a little list to sum up what makes a good place for a first date:

1# Quiet – No unwanted noises. Stay away from cinema och loud bars.

2# Choose a place you really like. Your date feel comfortable where you feel comfortable.

3# Not too expensive. Its a date, not a moment to show off or bribe someone.


You want to create a great opportunity to get to know someone. So don’t overthink where to go. Focus on hang out and have a good time. Personal chemistry will take of the rest.

Do you have any nice first date experiences? Please comment in the field below. In some cases we contact our members and let them be a part of the next article. Let the creativity flow. #Lovlr

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