Can a plant teach us love?

Black and white flower

Just like a growing seed, every relationship tend to start out well.
We give it water and sun, care and love and it grows into a beautiful flower that we adore.

After a while we get caught up in life. Tend to forget things that made us grow together.
The love start to dry. Yellow leafs have no value so we tend to throw it away.

We come to a relationship to give. Not to take. As long as we water and give new energy to the relationship it will last.

Love is the only thing were we give and get back even more. It makes us feel good to give and receive.
So this thing can go on forever.

When things don’t work out. Ask yourself this: Do i treat the relationship as I did in the beginning?
Do i give to my partner in the same way as I did in the beginning?

Its easy to blame our partner. Tell ourselves that they stopped care about you.
But in the moment that you stop giving. Stop water your plant it will slowly die.

A relationship don’t mean you are glued together forever. It simply means you love each other enough to not date others in the same time. Don’t become the reason for someone to do so, by stop date your partner

Treat him or her like a plant and things will be easier than you think


Photo by: Eric Casper


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