How dating can improve your life

Tanner & Shayla

A date is a intimidate moment. Anyone can sit home in underwear posting pictures of themselves in beautiful dresses or suits, without any real action on their normal life.

Meeting people in real have in fact very much in common. We want to show ourselves from our best side. But with the terrible fear that we can be judged for who we really are.

When was the last time you dated someone you really liked?

Standing in front of the mirror. Trying to find any little imperfection in order to eliminate it. We want to look good, smell good. And maybe even more important appear as the best possible version of ourselves.
We leave our home with a perfect hair, even if we know it rains outside.

And guess what. You have a great date. Spending hours laughing and in the late night you are kissing passionately on the street outside the restaurant you just had dinner in. Its late and the streets are empty. You are both a bit drunk and you both going to work the next day.

A normal Wednesday night you would already be sleeping by this hour. Now you are standing in the rain, kissing a stranger and your body almost explodes from all positive energy

We have just become the best version of ourselves in order to attract someone we like. Just like we can attract anything good to our life, by become better, stronger, happier and more confident.
When we apply the same principles to our life, magic will happen.


Dating helps us become better people. It keeps us in good shape, it makes us dress well and put our best foot forward. And not only in some small moments. Everyday and every time. It becomes a healthy routine for your life.  You never know when you will meet the next love of your life. Anywhere from your office, to the shopping center. You always want to be on your best when you meet someone.

Dating never stops, not even in a relationship. Continue to date your partner until you’re both are old and bold

If you have a boy/girlfriend, please don’t forget to remember this. A couple that last, is the people that never stop date someone. It means continue to the your best version to not only impress yourself, but also your partner.

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