Mindblowing – Simple little text will change your life

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Life easy explained:

Life is all about attraction. “Like attracts like”.
We like people who is like us. We dislike people that aren’t like us.

Every conversation in life will contain questions. The answers will decide whatever we will like them or dislike them.

If they are almost like us, we slightly try to push them to become a little bit more like us. But if they are not, then we either don’t care or we try to fight against them, to convince them to become more like us.

We like ourselves too but we also want to become a better version of ourselves.
Therefore we adore people who are like what we want to become. We looking up to our idols because following them makes us feel like them. A better us.

We feel great when we are surrounded by people that act and think like us.
And we feel depressed when nobody like us. Nobody understands.

Appreciation feels good because basically someone say, you are amazing. I want to be more like you. And i wish people were more like you.

When someone says, I want life like you. It means I like you. And suddenly Love has been created. Two people liked one other so much they wanted to become like each other. So they become one.

We can easy get people to like us, by acting like them. But we can also get enemies by doing the opposite. Or we can simply respect the differences even if they are not like us.

The responsibility is yours, but also the choice to decide your own life..

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