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What is Lovlr?

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A social platform for travelers


The amazing social platform Lovlr is created to inspire traveling couples.
Followers get invitations to special events to meet new people and share ideas.

How can Lovlr help you?

Imagine to travel the world with the person you love, spending your days doing what you love.
Utopia? Well no, not really.

People do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. This is the main reason why very few people follow and reach their dreams.
So what do some people do different?

Lovlr is a new social platform and we aim to inspire traveling lovers from all over the world with beautiful photos and stories from many different destinations, hotels, restaurants and fun.

We aim to build a strong global network for people to share their passions and talents, in order to grow their life and finance their travels. We invite our followers to special events like parties, networks, and workshops.

And on top of that you will get amazing tips on how to reach your own goals and dreams, by telling you the basics in self financed traveling.

Join us and many other global followers to get inspired, build a great network and pushing yourself to follow your dreams

With love

Lovlr Community

Who are we?

Day Shooting Prague 1_20150310_0015_1Emil Gustavsson at Lovlr

Always on fot, I have been traveling since 2013 and want to encourage others to do the same.

I am a photographer, writer, entrepreneur and currently working on several projects.
Lovlr is my life project and it aims to inspire, and help people around me.

But travel is so much more than see other countries and cultures.
Its the feeling of sharing a experience with someone we love, or maybe to meet someone that will share their life with us.

My aim is to create a platform for loving travelers. The kind of people that love to share and have fun.
I want to host amazing global events for my followers, and spoil them with unique offers.

That is my way of saying thanks and giving back to all this wonderful people I have around me.

Please feel free to write me and share your own travel experiences.
Share photos with us and we will promote you as well.

Our team is around 10 people and we always looking for people that want to join.
Lovlr is a vibrant platform with endless possibilities.
We do cooperation with all and everything.
The world is full of opportunities

Emil Gustavsson
- at Lovlr