Overthinking comes from laziness and shaky morals

One of the most common things that keep people away from archiving goals is overthinking. When a car speeds towards us we will throw ourselves from the street to avoid being hit. This is a quick reactive thought that is built up by survival instinct. Morals and personal identities can […]

How to control anger (People always get what they deserve)

I always say people get what they deserve. Always. You live an unhealthy lifestyle, and you get sick and die. You surround yourself with kind people, and you will get treated well. You complain about your life being shit, and your life will become shit. Always make sure to do […]

Mindblowing – Simple little text will change your life

Men alone window

  Life easy explained: Life is all about attraction. “Like attracts like”. We like people who is like us. We dislike people that aren’t like us. Every conversation in life will contain questions. The answers will decide whatever we will like them or dislike them. If they are almost like […]

How dating can improve your life

Tanner & Shayla

A date is a intimidate moment. Anyone can sit home in underwear posting pictures of themselves in beautiful dresses or suits, without any real action on their normal life. Meeting people in real have in fact very much in common. We want to show ourselves from our best side. But with the terrible […]

Why we love “Assholes”

Men alone window

Many times I get asked this question (especially from girls). How come we fall for people that hurt us? It might be a very complex topic, but yet a very important one. Heartbreak is quite a serious topic. In a recent study researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center […]

Can a plant teach us love?

Black and white flower

Just like a growing seed, every relationship tend to start out well. We give it water and sun, care and love and it grows into a beautiful flower that we adore. After a while we get caught up in life. Tend to forget things that made us grow together. The love […]

What is the perfect spot for a first date?

First date

The 1/10 of a second. That is the time it takes for our brain to get a first impression when we meet someone new. From there, we quickly form our opinion about someone, and roughly after 7 seconds our brains seams to have a pretty clear view about the other […]