How dating can improve your life

Tanner & Shayla

A date is a intimidate moment. Anyone can sit home in underwear posting pictures of themselves in beautiful dresses or suits, without any real action on their normal life. Meeting people in real have in fact very much in common. We want to show ourselves from our best side. But with the terrible […]

Why we love “Assholes”

Men alone window

Many times I get asked this question (especially from girls). How come we fall for people that hurt us? It might be a very complex topic, but yet a very important one. Heartbreak is quite a serious topic. In a recent study researchers from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center […]

What is the perfect spot for a first date?

First date

The 1/10 of a second. That is the time it takes for our brain to get a first impression when we meet someone new. From there, we quickly form our opinion about someone, and roughly after 7 seconds our brains seams to have a pretty clear view about the other […]